As we know, spring is right around the corner! When warm weather is in the air, people have a tendency to revamp their homes and clean up as much as they can. This is certainly a great action to consider since the housing market is at it’s peak during this time of year. Sure, it can be expensive, but certain maintenance tasks should be taken care of at this point in time before they’re more costly down the line. Whether the change is small or large, it will definitely be enticing for those looking to make the move. 

Roof and Gutter Care

Though we do not have the direct ability to see what goes on above, we have to remember that the roof is just as important, if not more important than any other part of our home. Miscellaneous branches and leaves are constantly collecting dust and clogging the gutter. If your gutters are clogged, water will just sit and buildup because it’ll have nowhere to drain. Thus, water damage can occur and that’ll cause a domino effect of issues. 

Animals and Bugs

Though you may not expect it, animals like squirrels, chipmunks and other rodents tend to thrive in spaces such as the attic. They can easily destroy wood and insulation within. Insects such as termites are also a common issue when it comes to damage. A creature so small can drastically affect the whole structure of your house, in a negative way. They feed on the walls and beams and you might not even realize that they’re there. It’s highly advised that you have a professional come and take a look every once and a while to prevent long term, expensive issues. 


It’s safe to say that at all times, you want to breathe in clean air. Your HVAC system has a huge impact on that factor. If it has not been touched in a while, excessive dust and leaks may prevail. While dust may not be a serious issue, a leak could certainly lead to carbon monoxide entering your home. This is a fatal occurrence, so it is highly recommended to have your HVAC system checked periodically. 

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