Kid Friendly Events For The Summer

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Summer is all about spending time with family and friends. Whether you’ve spent minutes or days with children, I’m sure you understand how difficult it can be to keep them occupied. This past year especially, kids have been putting creativity to a whole new level while being cooped up. It’s safe to sat they they have been engaging in mischievous activities like coloring on walls or making slime that stains expensive furniture while you’ve been locked away, working from home. Now that we’re slowly merging back into old times, it’s time to plan events that are kid-friendly, getting them out of the house! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any ideas, you’ve come to the right place for influence!


What: Family Fun Night

When: Every Saturday night until September 5th 

Where: Pier Village Festival Plaza, Long Branch, NJ

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Whether you’re more of the adventurous type or prefer to kick back and relax, this event has it all. Grab your helmet to go rock climbing or your club to play golf. You can even jump around on the trampolines, feel the breeze through your hair as you ride the roller coasters or grab a group of people to play some games. Everything is located right along the beach which is a bonus!


What: Family Movie Night – Back To The Future II

When: August 11th 

Where: Monmouth County Hall Of Records, Freehold, NJ

Back to the Future Part II': Welcome to the Present - Rolling Stone

Lights, camera, action! Who doesn’t love a good movie? Bring your lawn chairs along with some snacks to experience an evening full of laughs. Though this film was released decades ago, it never gets old and can be played on repeat. The best part is, this event is 100% free! Reservations are not required either, so certainly extend the invite and bring along as many people as you’d like. 


What: Monster Jam

When: August 14th 

Where: Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

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This popular event will drop your jaw and have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Sure, cars are cool and all, but these trucks reach a height of 10.5 feet, are 12 feet wide, 17 feet long and weigh up to 12,000 pounds. This event is the most action-packed motorsport event of all times. Drivers will race while getting down and dirty..literally. All 4 wheels will be twisting and turning through piles of dirt as they exert 1,500 horsepower. Come admire each unique truck and daydream about yourself being behind that wheel one day. 


What: The Addams Family Musical

When: August 7th 

Where: Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield, NJ

The Addams Family | IMG Artists

The Charles Seller Foundation will be showcasing a classic movie in action. It highlights the craziness that every family encounters and endures while unraveling an interesting love story. This comedy is appropriate for children of all ages as well. Purchase your tickets for only $12 to see if they live happily ever after!


What: Woodbridge Toy Show

When: August 22nd

Where: Hampton Inn, Woodbridge, NJ


What: Wayne NJ Toy Show

When: August 1st

Where: 1 Pal Drive, Wayne, NJ

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Regardless of which location you attend, you will be left in awe. Rows upon rows of tables will be lined up, displaying vintage items that have been collected over the years. These include toys, magazines, video games and so much more! It’s an extremely fascinating experience as children are able to compare what they have now with what was popular in earlier time periods. It can also be an educational learning experience, which is important to factor into children’s lives. Fun yet informative? That’s the way to do it!