Importance of a Home Inspection

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Purchasing a home is definitely the largest and most crucial purchase of anyone’s life. There are an abundant amount of steps that the process entails. With that being said, you’ll want to ensure that everything flows as smoothly as possible. When you first take a look at the property, you are solely basing your overall thoughts on what can be seen – Beautiful exterior? Yes. Updated finishes? Yes. Renovated kitchen and bathroom? Yes. Though the first impression means everything, it’s imperative to understand the quality of what cannot be seen as this factor can make or break one’s desire to make it to the closing table. 


What is a home inspection?

A home inspection will relieve and remove anyone’s worries in this regard. Your buyer’s agent will be responsible for scheduling a licensed individual to come and take a look at the home. He or she will examine the physical and structural make-up such as the roof, foundation, electrical, mold, termites, etc. This process isn’t excessive, as it should only take a few hours to complete. Furthermore, a report will be generated displaying all of the positive and negative findings. 


Do I really need one?

Despite the fact that an inspection is not 100% required, it is highly advised. For example, you certainly wouldn’t want to purchase a home and then 5 years down the line, the roof starts to collapse. That can be very costly and inconvenient. If this is discovered during the inspection period, you as a buyer would potentially have the opportunity to negotiate a credit during attorney review or even back out of the transaction altogether if it’s causing structural damage. If inspection didn’t take place, the buyer would take on any and all of the risks. Safety factors into this as well. If there is mold for example, health risks could arise. You may think that this is something you’d easily notice on your own, but that may not always be the case. At the end of the day, you want to guarantee full protection for both yourself and your family. With that being said, pay the minimal expense and take whatever time is needed to have this take place. It’ll only be to your advantage in the long run. 

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