How To Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Home, home purchase, home sell, Millennial, real estate, realtor, rent, seller, tenant

The holiday season calls for friends and family coming together in celebration. Aside from all the laughter and cheers, this time of year can be extremely stressful. Before you allow your guests to stay overnight, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared and organized. Therefore, it’s crucial to allocate some time to complete a few tasks around the house prior to the arrival of company. 


It’s easy to leave unnecessary items around the house. One thing here and one thing there starts to accumulate after it becomes a habit. Why? The process of discarding can be challenging. As time elapses, it’s human nature to become attached to what we are surrounded with everyday..whether it’s grandma’s worn-out sofa or your favorite sweater that doesn’t fit anymore, but can still be stored away. Therefore, we tend to look past their existence and don’t mind holding onto them. When this action is repetitively done, homes can start to look cluttered. Get rid of what is occupying valuable space. When a room is decluttered, your home will look more spacious and intact overall. 


We all have that one room or space that we tend to put off when cleaning. As neglection builds up over time, so does dust. Though it may be tedious, it’s important to maintain windows, vents, light fixtures and any other tiny cracks and crevices within. The lingering dust carries and spreads germs, which your family and friends certainly don’t want to endure when they’re over your house. 

Ready Your Kitchen 

Above all, your kitchen is definitely the most utilized room during the holidays. Delicious food is always a must! With that being said, it’s crucial for you to locate and assemble all of your pots, pans, appliances and anything else you might need to cook with. Otherwise, you’ll be scrambling, making another mess as you try to locate the essentials at the bottom of drawers and closets at an inconvenient time. I highly doubt you want to realize that your cookie cutters are missing while you’re already covered in dough! 


As we know, first impressions are long-lasting. When people first enter your home, there will be a sense of judgment, whether it’s intentional or not. As mentioned above, if your home appears messy and dirty, people will be turned off and not be enticed to return. That’s why cleaning up holds a lot of significance. With that being said, décor acts as “eye candy.” Don’t wait until the last minute to arrange decorations because you might run out of time when juggling everything else on your plate. How something visually appears, including your house, makes all of the difference. 

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