Choosing The Correct Agent

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Home, home purchase, home sell, Millennial, real estate, realtor, seller

Purchasing a home is certainly one of the most important and drastic decisions you’ll ever need to make. There are an abundant amount of factors that must be thought through and agreed upon before having the opportunity to sit at the closing table. Most will say that this can be overwhelming. To minimize the levels of stress, it’s crucial to work closely with a professional in the industry. Despite the fact that an interested buyer is not obligated to work with a realtor, having guidance from start to finish would ensure instant relief. You certainly want someone to walk you through the process from start to end, but you need the right person to do so. Every realtor’s level of expertise differs, so it’s important to know how to choose the correct agent. 


Receive Referrals

It’s safe to say that your friends and family will always have your best interest. Keeping that in mind, they can certainly be of assistance by recommending a real estate agent of whom they’ve had successful interactions with. You know that their words and input will be 100% truthful and honest. Of course there are several ways to pass information along, but word of mouth has always held great power. When a service especially is so superior, above and beyond, people won’t keep quiet about it!


Research and Interview

After being provided with a list of realtors, it is certainly ideal to narrow down until you find your top choice. Working with multiple realtors at once can draw confusion amongst all parties. To avoid this from occurring, read into each person. Find them on social media. Find their personal and company websites. Look for reviews. Continue to ask around. A solid real estate agent should be familiar with the market, informative, responsive, efficient, personable and so on. Select a handful of potential qualified candidates and schedule a meeting to dig deeper and understand who they are. Not everyone’s intentions will be in your best interest, so it’s extremely important to establish that early on. Ask how long they’ve been licensed for, how many deals they’ve closed in the last year, how many clients they’re taking out right now. Don’t ask them something that they can respond “yes” or “no” to. Open-ended questions will be your best friend in this situation. You will be able to understand and unravel a lot about someone by speaking with them directly. There will never be a shortage of realtors. If you don’t like one, there will always be another waiting for your call!

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